Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I could use a wedding planner?

Wedding planners were perhaps once considered frivolous, however we are practical solutions for busy lives. The stereotype of high heels and

How much does hiring you cost?

We don’t believe weddings should be a production line of like for like products. Often, your wedding day will have been thought about for years and we believe the most important element of our job is to truly reflect your personalities. We offer a variety of service levels dependent upon the stage you are in planning. For full planning, we work on a percentage of the overall wedding. This is 10% for non-marquee weddings and 12% for marquee weddings with a minimum fee of £3500 – we are transparent with our fees from the outset. Partial planning begins from £1450 and this is quoted dependent upon the level of support needed dependent on the stage you are at. On the day co-ordination and management begins from £545, supplier sourcing & venue sourcing begins from £185 and our power hours are £35. We work on a quality over quantity basis ever time, which means you can rest assured your plans are getting the attention they deserve. 

On average, planning a wedding takes 250 hours which is a substantial amount of time for busy lives! Hiring a planner is an investment whereby your return is the time and often cost saving you are making.

Will a wedding planner take over?

Each planner works differently however its incredibly important to us that you are still the centre of your wedding. Decisions regarding your wedding will always remain yours and although we can part advice and expertise you are the client and decision maker in our business.

Deposit information and payment terms information.

All of our planning services are tailored to your requirements, upon booking you will be provided with a summary of key information, dates and expectations throughout our time together, personalised to you. 

Whats the difference between a planner and event/venue coordinator?

Venue coordinators and planners can work incredibly well together. A venue coordinator's role is to look after anything relating to the venue and the venue provisions for your wedding day. This could include overseeing the catering aspects of your day in the afternoon but tending future wedding appointments in the morning. A planner works solely for you for your wedding to be the eyes and ears both on the day and throughout the planning process. 


I don’t live in the UK but I want to still have an input on my UK wedding day, would this work?

Of course! We would work exactly the same as if you were living in the UK however the majority of our communications would be via video chat – we can work around time differences and keep in regular contact to ensure you are still able to have an active input for your wedding day, without the legwork!

I really enjoy organising and planning, why would I need a planner? (On the day, relaxing, enjoying your work)

Many of our couples enjoy DIY crafting and making personalised décor. Whilst you may not need the support of a planner from the off, having a planner work with you in the final few weeks may be exactly what you require to really enjoy the fruits of your labour. Weddings are large scale productions and if you have been meticulously planning for months you are likely to have a detailed vision for your day. If you are celebrating within a marquee, barn or village hall for example there isn’t generally dedicated person available to reflect this detailed vision to your suppliers, which is where having a dedicated planner is essential. 

Do you only work with specific suppliers/venues?


We opt not to take a commission from suppliers and venues for a number of reasons. Primarily, this allows us to work in a way which is 100% committed to sourcing venues and suppliers, because they meet the need of our clients the best, not because we are gaining something from the business. The Wedding Help is built on trust and authenticity, with relationships with suppliers being one of the key, integral factors to it. This means we work with a wide range of suppliers. We are transparent with our fees from the beginning and each client is provided of the schedules of works and expectations from the start. 


Will you be at my wedding?

Always - as much as humanly possible! In the very rare instance we are not available due to illness for example, we have a trusted network of fellow planners we can rely upon for extra support.


How does it work, working together?

Your wedding will be like no other, unique and perfectly personalised. There isn’t a one size fits all approach here but what we do have is a tried and tested recipe to ensure your wedding is seamless.

Following your initial enquiry, we begin with a complimentary consultation. Ideally this would take place in person at a venue of your choice so we can really get to know each other over some coffee and cake!  I understand this may not always be possible so, I am equally as happy to chat over video call or on the phone. During the consultation my aim is to really understand your wedding day visions and get to know you as a couple and what is important to you both.

From here, I am able to pop together a personalised plan of the upcoming months to achieve those visions and advise you on the most appropriate service for your needs. Dependent upon the service level chosen, research, design, co-ordination and execution will be elements that are included within the planning. Working with me, allows you to enjoy the wedding planning journey in the knowledge that you are safe hands.

"Thanks so much for the chat today. Monique is already calmer and therefore so am I!"