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5 Reasons You May Want To Think About Hiring An On The Day Wedding Planner...

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Is it nearly wedding day?! Are you about to finish off your last tweaks on your wedding planning? Wedding venues have changed so much over the years, with many more choices on offer to allow couples to express themselves through their wedding. The flexibility many of these non traditional venues such as woodlands, marquees and barns offer the creativity to let your personalities shine through and really put your own stamp on your wedding. With much more choice and freedom, there is no longer the need to choose menu A, B or C from a conveyor belt systemised menu, if that isn’t what you’ve dreamed your day will look like. Experience tells me however, that although many couples are happy to do some parts themselves they still want it to feel very much like a wedding and to really be able to be present on the day. If this is sounding like you, read on, as there are gaps to be mindful of if you are planning many elements to your big day…

1. The Co-Ordination of The Design Element to your Day.

If you’ve planned away for months, possibly even years, you will probably have a clear vision in your head of how you want everything to look. Trusting someone else to do this for you though, how does that sit? I understand the apprehension in trusting someone else to do this for you but practically it’s worthwhile. Wedding mornings spent with family & friends, filled with nerves & excitement are some of my favourite parts to wedding days. Having the time to have bubbles and breakfast with your best humans are memories you can never replace. When you work with me, we meet in person before your wedding to discuss this element in detail so I really understand how you have envisioned your space looking. I will then magically transform your space, all whilst you are in preparation mode for the I do’s! I will send you a few pictures along the way just to reassure you everything’s going to plan.

2. The Co-Ordination of Suppliers.

During the planning of your wedding day, you will be able to have some flexibility and control over when you contact your suppliers. A lot of my couples, prefer evening meetings for example to fit around their schedules and I am more than happy to accommodate. On your wedding day however, all of these suppliers will require your attention at intermittent points throughout the day, to execute their role. Is this how you dreamed your day? Being pulled from pillar to post to arrange the location of a photo booth? Understandably this is something they would need to ask, to ensure they are executing the very best for you. This is something I take care of. When we begin working together, you handover your dream team of suppliers to me and I will communicate all information in advance as well as on the day. Leaving you free to mingle away and celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

3. You want to ensure nothing is missed from the plans.

Collating all your planning documents together is a job for an organisational queen, there’s a lot to remember! Seating plans, guest lists and floorplans to name a few, but on the day itself you really don’t need to be the one with a clipboard in hand. Working with a knowledgably on the day planner is paramount to this one. When we work together you’ve never need to doubt who’s team I’m on, the answer will always be yours. Knowing and understanding your vision for your wedding day, is one of the reasons I like to meet all my couples prior to your wedding. In my opinion, the better I know you the better I will be able to execute your day. For the weeks and days prior to your wedding day, these documents will become my bible.

4. The Actual Day

Having an on the day co-ordinator on the day, is excellent for making sure everything is going to plan. You will have worked hard to organise the flow and timings of your day and all for good reason, you want to make the very most of the day. All good on the day co-ordinators will come to expect some small changes on the day, but we will also try and ensure that your much-anticipated order of the day is executed impeccably. We can help perfect in many ways you may not even notice on wedding days to ensure all is going swimmingly. For any fellow foodies like me, menu tasting is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But for example, unbeknownst to guests is that your catering team, will be working to schedule to deliver their food at its optimum. A little extra communication and cohesion can ensure that everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet, no matter what happens. And again, there would be no need for clock watching for you. I will be with you from early doors until late on, meaning your only role will be to dance the night away!

5. Preparing for the what if’s.

Wedding Day’s are like no other event in the world. They are the perfect mix of love, fun & excitement. This is why they are my absolute favourite thing and work never feels like work to me. That being said, with large numbers of people, all in the mood for celebrating, very fixable problems may arise which, as I say are solvable if you know how... Over the years, I have come to experience and know that the little things that can happen, when solved make a big difference. That’s why, for all my weddings I carry my trusty ‘emergency kit’ which is an organised chaos of very useful items! This means, that on your day – I am always prepared to deal with the majority of little ‘uncomfortables’ that come up. I also know that when your guests are happy and looked after my couples are also happy – a win win all round.

This list names just a few ways on the day planners can help you, and really let you take everything in on your big day. My on the day service typically begins around 4 weeks prior to your wedding day so if your planning a summer wedding this year, there's still time! I’m always happy to chat anything weddings to couples, so if you’d like to find out more – get in touch!