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Some Friendly Advice on How to Truly Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

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Your wedding day should be a truly amazing, momentous day; cherished and fondly remembered for a lifetime.

Although the purpose of getting married is to both pledge and celebrate your vows; to love and cherish your lifelong partner; but we all know that this day is far bigger than that.

In addition to the gravitas and enormity all that brings, your wedding day is also an opportunity to bring friends and family together to join in the celebration.

So, you should try not to lose sight of the importance of enjoying your special day spent in their company.


In order to fully enjoy the occasion, it’s critical not to allow others’ input or wishes to have a negative impact or to let the little things get in the way of what’s important, which, for many, is surprisingly difficult to achieve.

Having a trusted third party, such as a Yorkshire wedding planner, on hand to keep a diplomatic, objective handle on matters is invaluable.

However, if something minor unexpectedly still occurs, don’t worry! It’s pretty much guaranteed that none of your guests will even notice, let alone care.

Keep in mind that this day is about entering into a partnership with your one true love and celebrating with family and friends, not about the minutiae.


In the few days before your wedding, it really helps if you don’t take on too much and keep as relaxed as possible.

Just do the basics and don’t turn into a Bridezilla and allow anything to make you angry, anxious or upset.

In addition, make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your wedding and on the morning of your special day, try hard to have at least a little breakfast as you really don’t want to pass out at the ceremony!


Whilst worrying about the smallest of matters is pointless, it has to be acknowledged that being prepared can ensure the smoothest running of days.

So, a wedding coordinator is worth their weight in gold but use your support group too and delegate!

Bridesmaids generally love to be of help and on the day, they can be a great support holding on to your phone, some flat shoes for the evening and any other items like headache tablets, plasters, sanitary items and lipstick. They’re also great for limiting the amount of time your more chatty guests keep you talking and making sure you don’t drink too much, too early!


In the main, to make sure you enjoy your day to the maximum, just remember why you’re there in the first place.

And, in all of this, remember to take time out to say a little hello to your partner and remember it’s your day and what every single guest wants most is for you to enjoy the day.

So, don’t worry about them; just focus on having one of the most amazing days of your life.

To learn more and find out how we can help you, please feel free to get in touch with your wedding planner in Yorkshire.

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