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How to work through your wedding day guest list.

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Working out your guest list is no easy task. You may feel torn sometimes between 'doing the right thing' and 'doing what you actually want' and here's the thing... There is no answer and you will struggle to always please everyone with your choices.

Before even starting your guest list there a few point to consider in terms of the practicalities of inviting your guests;

1/ How many people can your venue physically accommodate? This should give you a top end number in order to start the decision making.

2/ Your overall budget for your wedding day. The obvious point is the per person cost of catering for guests in terms of food and drink whereby more overall guests generally equals a larger spend in this area. Also consider other points such as decor & furnishings, more guests equals more tables so an extra 10 guests for example will mean ten more chairs, an extra table and table decor.

3/ The overall atmosphere - think about the overall feel of your wedding - would you prefer an intimate wedding breakfast and a larger evening reception or maybe you'd like a relaxed day with no real transition between day and evening.

After you've thought through the practicalities its then time to think about the personal elements of choosing your guest list. Always remember this is you and your partners day, and as difficult as it may feel your real supporters in life will understand your decisions no matter what. Sometimes your heart will win and other times your head.

1/ Can you imagine your wedding without them? If the answer to this one is a no then invite, invite, invite! If it's a yes, you may want to ask more questions about this guests potential invitation.

2/ Would you actively seek to spend time with this guest alone? If you wouldn't choose to dine with this person ordinarily, it might be time to get the red pen out...

3/ Are they or their family paying for a large proportion of the wedding? If it's another no and then they're out but if it's a close relations relation who is financially contributing to your wedding, they may feel strongly about them being invited. When accepting this kind of help, it's always good to clear up any prior expectations.

4/ Have you spoken to them in the last year? If you've not spoken to them for a while, maybe it's a good idea to pop these guests onto the backup list (a definite evening list invite but a potential day guest if numbers allowed)

5/ Has your fiancee ever met them? This might be the decider if your on fence for a day guest v's evening guest only. Think about how well they know the both of you as a couple.

So, make time to sit down with your partner, grab a notebook & pen, this trusty guide and maybe even a glass of wine and make an evening of it. After all, it should be your day, your way. And, as always if you'd like a helping hand from a Yorkshire Wedding Planner - do get in touch.

Jess X

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