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How to Have a Luxury Honeymoon on a Budget?

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For newlywed couples, a honeymoon offers the chance to relax and revitalise, following the pressures of their big day. However, if you are aiming to do so, keeping the costs down on a honeymoon can be a problem.

To help out, we’ve put together a few luxury honeymoon ideas that won’t break the bank but still retain the touch of something special.

Honeymoon out of High-Season

One of the best ways to go on a budget honeymoon is to travel during the low season.

During these times, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions drop prices to encourage visitors. So, if you’re not too picky about when you travel, there are savings to be had.

For instance, Southeast Asia is a honeymoon hotspot, but during the months of April through to September, places like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia receive far fewer travellers. Keep in mind though, the weather might not always be on your side, as you can find cocktails on the beach cut short by the monstrous monsoon rains. In all fairness, that is a different kind of experience, which has its own beauty.

Discover Local Destinations

Cut out the cost of flights and your luxury honeymoon needn’t cost the earth, in more ways than one.

With a dramatic and varied coastline, stunning countryside, and some of the best cities in the world, the UK is one of the most fascinating countries to explore for a luxury honeymoon.

On top of that, staying closer to home is a great way to have a luxurious trip without splashing too much of your hard-earned cash. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or a non-stop city-break, Britain has plenty to offer for the luxury honeymoon traveller.

Have You Heard of Glamping?

Sleeping under the stars certainly has a romantic appeal and, nowadays, it can be done in style.

Glamping or glamorous camping is a little bit like ordinary camping, only more luxurious. And, as the name suggests, glamping provides the perfect opportunity for luxury travel on a budget.

In the UK, glamping offerings range from luxury treehouse hideaways to yurt camps complete with their very own hot tub. Check out this Country Living guide to some of the finest glamping sites in the UK fit for even the most frugal honeymoon travellers.

Save Money with a Staycation

With all the hustle and bustle of planning the big day, newlyweds deserve a rest and there’s no reason why a luxury honeymoon can’t take place from the comfort of your own home.

You can plan a few date nights, visit your favourite restaurants in town, have a shopping day and even tidy up the garden with all the money you’ve saved and bring the luxury into your own backyard.

Try getting creative and you’ll see a luxury honeymoon can even take place from anywhere and as the old adage goes, home is where the heart is.

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