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How an 'On The Day Wedding Co-Ordinator' Can Help You.

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Marquees, Barns, Tipis, Farms, Homes and Country Estates are just some of the venues that are typically 'dry hire' venues. These are your beautifully 'blank canvas' wedding venues which are there for you to create your wedding vision within. However, logistically executing your day within such venues takes a little more planning both in the run up and on the day itself.

'On the day planning' is for the couples that have spent months maybe years planning their day. It's for the DIY creatives who have handcrafted and personalised their day and it's for the couple who have been planning for 18months plus (perhaps even through a pandemic) and who really deserve this wedding day. On the day coordination is a practical solution within knowledgeable hands. It's for you, because when you have taken so much time, care and love into creating your unique wedding day, you deserve to enjoy every minute of it.

But, what exactly does it involve and apart from mean you can relax, enjoy and party - how can it help you?

Although were calling it on the day wedding coordination or on the day wedding management, for me it actually begins much before your wedding. Firstly, we'll have a chat - not only does this give me a chance to understand your plans, it gives you a chance to see if i'm the planner for you without committing. From here, we then keep in touch but if you do find you need some extra help with the planning, we can add on some planning blocks which can be implemented at any time. We then will have our planning meeting and site visit which is where everything is explained in detail and handed over to me. This happens around 4-6 weeks before your day and I want everything you have; seating plans, supplier arrangements, excel spreadsheets, google sheets - I'll take it all! From here, I'll create your production schedule which will then be distributed to your suppliers so were all reading from the same hymn sheet. Your suppliers will have my details so the morning of your wedding, so your not getting calls about access or traffic!

Then, your wedding day comes around! Depending on the level of set up required we may arrange for set up to be completed the day before but if not, I will set up your finishing touches of décor, stationery, linen etc the morning of your wedding. I'll be the first person to arrive at your wedding, ensuring all of your suppliers are looked after and know what's what. I'll ensure your wedding flows exactly as you imagined, that your guests are where you want them to be to ensure nothing is missed. I'll help your best man reframe himself for his speech and I'll look out for elderly guests that might just need an arm getting up from a chair. I'll turn your rooms around to ensure the fluidity of your day and I'll make sure those candles are twinkling. The music won't stop because I'll make sure the playlist is played at the right times. Your day is yours and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure it's the best day ever. After your wedding day, if you don't want to be packing everything up and returning things, I can help with that too.

On the day wedding coordination can be booked at any point, availability wise the sooner the better however I am happy to work to short turnaround times if I have the availability. No wedding will ever be the same, but what my weddings do have in common is that you are the centre of your wedding and I ensure it's how you wanted it to be.

If your interested in any of my other services, here's the best place to see more but you can also get in touch so we can chat more.

Jess X

Image Credits - Anna Beth Photography