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What is Partial Wedding Planning?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Today I’m talking partial planning, one of my fabulous services which just gives you a little extra help, relieving you of any stress in the lead up to the big day essentially. Throughout the wedding planning industry, this service is a little trickier to explain, as for me it can be implemented at any time and all wedding planners work differently. So, today I thought I would explain a little more of my version of partial planning and how that could help you.

Typically, for me, this is around 3 months before your wedding day but that being said I can also help earlier and later too.

You’ve definitely got your venue booked, you’ve arranged your ceremony type and you’ve probably arranged a caterer and possible a photographer or a florist. Now, is the time the planning really steps up a gear, as your perhaps amidst finding those finishing touches, ‘wedmin’ and trying to make sense of everything. This is exactly when I step in and I feel you breaaaaathe! We have our initial consultation (strictly no stress allowed) and I work out where you are, where your gaps are and where you feel you really need the help the most. I will always work with you, not taking control meaning you can have the luxury of picking out the bits you really want! Then, after this I work out what we need to do over the next few months.

It could be the reassurance of an experienced eye looking over your paperwork, sourcing and recommending additional wedding suppliers to make those finishing touches, or working with you on design elements of your wedding to name a few places where I come in. Whether your planning a marquee weddings, a country escape or an intimate family affair l can certainly help you tie up those loose ends, leaving you to enjoy both the planning and the day itself.

My partial planning also includes my on the day services too of course, which means not only will you have a stress free wedding planning experience the months leading up to your wedding day, but also a seamlessly managed day too. I will take care of timelines, supplier liaison and deal with any little hiccups on the day without you knowing a word about it.

If you think this sounds like it could help you, let me know and we can have a chat about all things weddings (I still have a few 2019 dates remaining too so act fast to secure yours!)

Do get in touch, if you would like a chat about your wedding plans and how we can create your dream day.

Jess X