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Top 10 Tips When Creating Your Wedding Styling Design.

Designing your wedding can feel slightly daunting and knowing how to create that perfect balance is exactly, that - a balance! Styling your wedding begins much earlier on than your wedding day design, but here are my top 10 tips for designing your wedding day.

If you can get this right early on it will all tie together creating a truly breathtaking wedding that your friends will be talking about for years to come. With weddings, the design really is in the details.

1. The Brief – finalise a brief or design palette fairly early on in your wedding planning, even a Pinterest board will be fine! This will allow you to pinpoint a place to return to when looking at design options so you don’t sway too far from your ideal wedding day design.

2. Metallics – try to pick one metallic tone to continue throughout your design. For example, choosing these gold rimmed charger plates perfectly compliments the crisp white table, textures glasses and gold cutlery. If your venue supplies silver cutlery as standard why not consider hiring those finishing touches to add an extra layer to your design.

Glassware & Crockery from; Whitehouse Crockery. Stationary from; Raspberry Toast

3. Textures – If you don’t love busy colours or want to keep a clean colour pallete but with lots of personality, use textures to create a detailed depth of design. Use a variety of textures you love, from foliage to linen to make a beautiful design.

4. Less is More – sometimes the simplest designs look the best. Try using key showstopper pieces or your favourite items and build around these to create that wow look.

5. Food. Think about your dining set up and the practicality of your wedding dining design and getting the most out of it. If you are having sharing platters for example, perhaps steer away from traditional round tables and perhaps towards rustic trestle tables to serve your guests.

6. Heights – in a vast area such as a barn or marquee, try using a variety of centerpieces and featured design pieces to draw your eye to the depth of your design. This will create warmth and a combination of lower, middling and higher centerpieces in a crisp white marquee can look amazing when numbers are on the larger end of the scale.

7. Scent the way; create a scent specially for your wedding day. Perhaps there’s a particular scent you both love – why not integrate this into your styling by a scented candle or two as a design element for a unusual sense.

8. Chairs – consider the type of chairs at your dining area. A beautiful chair can completely make the design of a dining area and really lift it’s beauty. With so many to choose from to alter your design, they are always an expense worth allocating to in my eyes. No need for those shabby chair covers (my pet hate!)

9. Zone your space; if you want people to enjoy your wedding day within different areas of your space, make this subtly obvious. Choose some beautiful outdoor furniture for that summer drinks reception and then lure them into your marquee with a festoon lit walkway. Creating different zones for different elements of your day will keep your guests entertained throughout the day and be a talking point for years to come.

10. Friend, not foe. If there are distinctive features at your venue or location, work with them not against. This will help minimise their impact, rather than your design working completely in the opposite way.

And, as always if you'd like to chat more about your wedding day - do get in touch so we can do so! Jess X