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Wedding in the Spotlight – John & Jo’s Garden Wedding

Celebrating your wedding day, is arguably one of the most memorable days of your life so to be able to celebrate in your own home, surrounded by family and friends has to be one of the most special occasions you could dream of. Is there a better way, to personalise and create with freedom in your very own space?

John and Jo, did just that and chose to celebrate with their own private, garden Tipi wedding and invited almost 200 family and friends to celebrate with them for their day. So, how did the magic happen…

I began working with John & Jo in the December of 2018 where they booked me for a partial plan. With all of my services, I work with couples, really getting in tune with what they want. I will never take over. Often, with lots of opinions from family and friends with regards to the ‘right’ thing at weddings its easy to veer off and gets swayed. Of course, changing your mind is perfectly acceptable but feeling pressurised into something you don’t want is not ok. That’s why, I make every effort at the beginning to understand your vision and will remain, always working with your best interests at heart. I mention this, as you can imagine with 200 guest opinions for Jo & John’s wedding, I had my work cut out reassuring the couple that Jo & John’s, relaxed, informal, non-conforming wedding would be absolutely beautiful.

The view the couple had was completely enviable, possibly one of the best I’ve ever seen. Everyone we came into contact with, mentioned how idyllic the setting was and it was incredible. They chose traditional tipi’s from the fabulous Serentipi to nestle at the bottom of the hill and how suited they did look! Fairy lights were beautifully strung from each pole just adding to the ambiance.

Logistically, the wedding had its challenges, however with some careful planning and a lot of hard work, these were easily overcome! As I’ve mentioned previously, I will never promise that something does not have a little hiccup along the way. With so many factors out of the control of everyone, such as weather, guest behaviour, traffic etc it’s impossible to guarantee everything. It’s how you deal with, prepare and react these situations come in and that’s where my experience shows. I am notoriously prepared with the strangest but most practical arrangement of event kit you could imagine. From fishing wire to nappy sacks, I’ve got your back! You just never know what you might need from wedding to wedding so it’s good to be prepared.

The food again was a particularly important element to the day, with the couple keen to give back in all aspects of their personal lives which really aligned with my feelings too, we enlisted the delights of Food Works Sheffield. The food used, all comes from food which would otherwise be thrown away and then can be utilised to feed those who really need it the most. John & Jo also opted for a crepe van from the Old Manor House Bakery which as I’m sure you can imagine, the queue never seemed to shorten! Happy tummies all round for a fabulously personal day.

The atmosphere, was relaxed yet ambient with a hint of 1920’s drama. During the day, the spectacularly talented Vanessa & CO. from Songbuds filled the tipis with Jazz. Then, when evening turned, the guests enjoyed a traditional Ceilidh which brought a whole new dimension to the day.

The evening ended in such a lovely fashion, with friends and family travelling from near and far nothing came to an abrupt holt and all wound down in a very pleasant manner. All of these factors were so important to John and Jo so I was thrilled to have been able to make all that was so important to them happen and assist in their wedding plans.

I was even more thrilled to receive such a lovely recommendation from the happy couple...

“Simply amazing! Jess you were so much more than we could ever have imagined, We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you, and thank you for making our day so very, very special!”

Love, one very happy wedding planner…

Jess X


Images by Helena Dolby