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Wedding Planners – What Are We Here For?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Welcome to 2018 (nearly 2019, where has the year gone?!) where the modern couple is notoriously time poor and life rich. The time you do have is for your family, friends and leisure. And who can blame you; life is fast paced and you want to make the very most of it. This might even be reflected in your current wedding plans and your visions. Your wedding day is the start of a new chapter and a day to be remembered with beautiful memories; your day, your way – dream big.

Including a wedding planner can save you an enormous amount of time. With the average wedding plans taking the equivalent to 6 weeks worth of a full time job, can you afford to spend that time creating spreadsheets, trawling the internet and looking through contracts? Bringing a wedding planner on board who can dedicate the time, knowledge and passion to your wedding, can mean you are left with all the good bits. More time for making memories leading up to the wedding day.

Outdoor, non-religious and quirky ceremonies are ever increasing in popularity, as well as wedding receptions in those, unique, personal locations. Barns, marquees, woodlands and even ruins of history; you name it, there’s most likely a way! If you’ve started looking into locations and venues already you’ll know there is a vast amount of choice out there. The freedom to create and think outside the box is incredible and there to be taken true advantage of. Sometimes, it takes a little creative thinking and an extra pair of eyes and ears to achieve this.

Not so widely thought about, is that these exclusive, venues are so unique it may be a one off for the venue too. For example, if you are having a marquee wedding the chances are this will only happen on once at your home or location. A real family affair which will be such a personal and special occasion. After all, that’s the magic of these venues. Usually, this means that the venue may not have a ‘wedding team’ as such. Hiring a wedding planner, and more specifically me can allow these wonderful settings to not only be brought alive, but also be impeccably managed. There are many uses and services I can bring to your wedding plans, no matter how far along you are in your process.

Some couples may have organised all of their day down to a tee, spent months planning and prepping. You've sourced all those finishing touches, liaised with suppliers and wedmin'd your way through the last few months. What an amazing feeling that is! However, the day must be yours and bringing a wedding planning on board for an on the day service means that you can reap the rewards of your hard work.

All of my services include ‘on the day management’ which means that your only job on the day will be to enjoy your wedding with your newly married. That little extra support, to ensure no detail is missed, all suppliers are looked after, guests are happy and the knowledge I’m always a step ahead can go a long long way in terms of wedding day bliss.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, this is an event during your life which you will remember for the rest of your life. Involving a wedding planner could be the reassurance you need. From advice, to sourcing suppliers a wedding planner can alleviate a lot of the pressures that can be associated with wedding planning. Not to mention those ever handy tips and tricks we come armed with! We can also look over any pre-existing contracts with suppliers to ensure that you are protected and avoid costly mistakes. Budget planning can be a daunting activity and including a wedding planner can ensure your budget remains under control with meticulous detail. Often, we can offer advice on how to save money and negotiate on you behalf too.

So in answer to my eloquently put question, gone are the days that wedding planners are for royal family members only, but for real people too. The worth we can bring to the table is immeasurable when creating, planning and delivering your ideal wedding. Wedding planners are here to offer support, expertise and guidance to make your day yours.

Do get in touch, if you would like a chat about your wedding plans and how we can create your dream day.

Jess X