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Wedding Plans During Covid-19: An Exciting Alternative

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

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COVID-19 has proved indiscriminate when it comes to whose world it turns upside down.

For example, those celebrating a special birthday or anniversary who’ve spent years planning an event have been hit with the same whip?

In short, the rug’s been well and truly pulled from under their feet.

Similarly, for students planning a few months’ globetrotting before starting work, all plans have been cancelled.

Even those school pupils studying for years for exams deemed crucial to their future success, have had one serious anticlimax.

However, maybe one of the cruellest examples has to be the bride who’s been planning her dream 2020 wedding. Simply, lifelong plans, probably in place even before the groom, thwarted due to this unprecedented pandemic.


So, what to do?

Interestingly, during this period of time dictated by the coronavirus, businesses have been advised to adapt and pivot for success.

For instance, restaurants delivering food and clothing manufacturers making face masks.

In short, thinking outside the box has become a worthy skill.

Equally, what has become clear is that we are much more adaptable than we might think. Planning a wedding is no different.

For example, once the disappointment of having to alter plans settles down, it can be exciting to think of something more innovative. Maybe an occasion even more exciting, memorable and less run of the mill?


On 17 July 2020, the Government stated that from 1 August, wedding gatherings of up to 30 people would be permissible.

However, this rule was unfortunately later rescinded on 31 July, to be reviewed on 15 August.

Simultaneously, venues such as hotels and other locations suitable for wedding parties started reopening their doors.

As a result, for weddings imminently taking place, there are two possibilities to consider.

Whilst hopes are that from 15 August, up to 30 people can be involved, it's definite that up to two households are allowed.


Therefore, with wedding party numbers from around 8 to 30, how about upping the budget per head to plan a more memorable wedding?

2020 is going to be remembered for micro weddings so make yours a good one!

A weekend of nuptials could be an option whereby instead of just one day, you extend it to a weekend.

For example, with fewer people involved, you could include accommodation and activities.

Whilst a rock-climbing or scuba diving wedding might not float your boat, a family weekend at a private beach location might well hit the spot.

Creating a more intimate, personal wedding event, spread over a whole weekend might bring a very different vibe to your special occasion. Alternatively, other ideas for a micro wedding could involve taking your nearest and dearest somewhere different.

Perhaps a castle in Scotland or vineyard setting in Southern France? Similarly, venues such as safari parks and stately homes make very quirky options.


Although hugely disappointing to cancel a full on, traditional wedding, there’s something liberating about reducing the numbers but increasing the sense of occasion.

By sharing your wedding with those much closer, you will significantly reduce the stress of the event.

These are the people who really care. Because of the close relationship you’ll have with every one of your guests, you can relax more.

For example, when work colleagues and extended family are included in traditional weddings, there’s a pressure to impress.

By default, the stress associated with the anxiety of creating perfection and ensuring everyone is catered for is often underestimated. By comparison, sharing your special occasion with only those very close in the mix can have a massively positive impact. You’re likely to discover that your own enjoyment is much greater for it.

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