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What to expect from a wedding planner...

Updated: May 12, 2020

If your toying with the idea of hiring a wedding planner, read on…

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most monumental days of your life, you’ve probably spent years dreaming up the perfect day so this is no place for lukewarm decisions.

If your hiring a wedding planner, there is a lot more to consider than the output v’s cost aspect.

Wedding planners can vary in costs, largely dependent on the structure of their businesses and the type of planning they offer. Although it may seem obvious and could be likened to a lot of buying situations, if there is a particular planner radically less expensive than others it is unlikely you will also experience quality. The majority of planners I know have a maximum capacity on weddings they will take on during any given year, especially for full planning services.

Usually, these are small businesses who pride themselves in being a personal business so dealing with the owner is very normal for us planners! You will often experience a direct response from the owner upon initial enquiry and the majority of wedding planners will offer an initial meeting complimentary. For me, I prefer to offer these face to face where geographically possible but equally, I am happy to conduct these in my office via video call if more convenient.

These consultations are a really important time for you as a couple. These give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get to know the potential planner. During your wedding planning you will work closely with lots of suppliers. Its vital that you like them and feel that you can speak to them honestly and openly during all stages. This is something I am very passionate about, especially when it comes to matching you with potential suppliers for your day. The expression ‘you could be the brightest, most beautiful flower in the world but there will always be someone that doesn’t like flowers’ springs to mind! A photographer, for example could produce the most beautiful, expressive images on screen, but if you don’t ‘get’ them – navigating your wedding day could be tricky. For me, I form genuine bonds with couples which I find to be a really important part of my planning services.

Following this, like with all of your suppliers, you should receive legally binding terms and conditions which protect you as the client as much as the supplier. I also, include a detailed plan of the services we have agreed meet your needs the best so you know exactly where you are with everything, as well as the expectations from this point.

Hiring a wedding planner is so much more than some one making your day pretty or fluffing your dress before you walk down the aisle. Although these are part of the day, we are practical solutions for busy couples who simply haven’t got 250 hours to dedicate to ensuring their wedding is exactly how they want it. We bring heaps of expertise and a constant desire to hunt out the best suppliers for your day. It’s a continuous work stream for us in one way or another, all year round. We are knowledgeable creatures, all with a genuine passion to deliver the very best for our clients. Whether it’s guidance you are looking for or outsourcing- tailored services are second nature to me. Of course, there are service types which most of my clients usually build around but creating something right for you is imperative.

A planner usually ends up being so much more than a wedding planner to you. Confidant, secret keeper and family counsellor are all roles I have played through my time! Trusting your planner is crucial as in order to understand what’s important to you we will tend to talk to you about the following potentially uncomfortable subjects;

1. Budget & Money – Understanding your budget is really important for us to be able to advise and source for you accurately.

2. Most Important Factors – following nicely on from budget, if your real foodies, it would be silly to suggest spending the majority of the budget on flowers. Spend where is important and deciphering early on what is important is really helpful.

3. Guests – often, clients will confide inner thought about certain guests to me which are welcomed all in aid of ensuring everything runs as they want. For example, not letting Uncle Jim hog the mic is easily managed if we know about his showmanship ways in advance!

4. Surprises – potentially the only source of impartial, continuous support throughout the wedding planning, your planner can get involved with secrets without a soul knowing!

I love talking to new people, so if you’d like to arrange a complimentary consultation with me, do get in touch!

Jess X

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